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Ada Beat is a tech company that provides senior consultants within the tech industry in Sweden and Vietnam.


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Ada Beat is a tech company that provides senior consultants within software development and leadership for software development in roles such as developers, testers, project managers, product owners, team leaders and scrum masters.

Ada Beat works at the forefront of technology with customers in various domains and sizes. We work in industries like fintech, telecom, video-streaming, industrial tools, and automotive.


The competence includes:

system development ^ test ^ embedded systems ^ architecture ^ requirement management ^ software development ^ project management ^ agile ^ scrum ^ cloud ^ microservices ^ test automation ^ continuous integration CI ^ continuous deployment CD

Technical capabilities

Erlang ^ Haskell ^ Scala ^ F# ^ Python ^ Java ^ C/C++ ^ Node.js ^ React ^ HTML ^ CSS ^ JavaScript ^ Docker ^ Kubernetes ^ Amazon Web Services AWS ^ Google Cloud Platform GCP ^ Linux

Leadership capabilities

team lead ^ project manager ^ scrum master ^ product owner ^ agile coach

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