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Ada Beat is a tech company that provides senior consultants within the tech industry.


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Our offering

Ada Beat is a tech company that provides senior consultants within software development and leadership for software development in roles such as developers, testers, project managers, product owners, team leaders and scrum masters.

We work with customers who are at the forefront of both technology and working methods.

We are part of our customers’ journey to implement the next-generation mobile network-5G, developing new versions of popular game titles, making payment smooth, enhancing the TV experience and developing applications to ensure the transition to a fossil-free society.


The competence includes:

system development ^ test ^ embedded systems ^ architecture ^ requirement management ^ software development ^ project management ^ agile ^ scrum ^ cloud ^ microservices ^ test automation ^ continuous integration CI ^ continuous deployment CD

Technical capabilities

Erlang ^ Haskell ^ Scala ^ F# ^ Python ^ Java ^ C/C++ ^ Docker ^ Kubernetes ^ Amazon Web Services AWS ^ Google Cloud Platform GCP ^ Linux

Leadership capabilities

team lead ^ project manager ^ scrum master ^ product owner ^ agile coach

Some of our customers

Do awesome things?

Would you like to work in a company without managers? A company where you have the possibility to develop yourself at your own pace and where you have the chance to evolve the company together with others? Would you like to have fun while doing it?

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Emerging Tech Beat

We at Ada Beat sponsor and organize Emerging Tech Beat, ETB. ETB is a live streamed conference about emerging technologies. Four speakers will share a glimpse of the already existing future and how technology at the edge of possibilities are used. The purpose of the conference is to inspire and share what technology could do. Anyone interested in emerging and future technology should join.

Learn more and join the community:

The Ada Beat YouTube channel:

Func Prog Sweden

We at Ada Beat are proud sponsors of the MeetUp Func Prog Sweden.

Func Prog Sweden is the community for anyone interested in functional programming. At the MeetUps they explore different functional languages like Erlang, Haskell, Scala, Clojure, OCaml and more. They have also explored the functional aspects of C++ and Java.

Learn more and join the community:

The Func Prog Sweden YouTube channel:

Ada Beat Loves Func Prog Sweden

About us

We believe in people!

Ada Beat was founded 2018 with the idea that all employees can form and steer the company.

We are a growing consulting company within tech that is backed by venture capital and all the employees are partners and own a share of the company.

Our vision

Average people doing awesome things
“We believe that every person has unique competence. Just like music, every note is simple, but when put together magic is created.”

Our guiding principles

Happy with work is more important than making money
At Ada Beat we believe that you should enjoy your assignment and your satisfaction with your tasks are important.

You are not in Ada Beat, you are Ada Beat
At Ada Beat we believe in meritocracy, i.e. the people with the most knowledge take the decisions, not the management. We take ownership and care about each other.

Try things and learn from your mistakes
At Ada Beat we want everyone to dare to make their ideas into reality. We want to create a process to be able to facilitate every new idea. The aim is to encourage everyone to try out ideas in a safe environment.

Why the name Ada Beat?

With Ada, we want to pay tribute to Ada Lovelace, who was the first computer programmer of history. In her notes on Charles Babbage’s mechanical computer, the first algorithm designed to be machined has been found. She created questions through poetic science, a relationship between human, society, technology and mathematics. Something that still feels very current and fascinates us at Ada Beat. With Beat we relate our code and our work to music. With music, when notes are put together something bigger is created. In our case technology is created. Beat also stands for heartbeat and reflects wholeness and evolutionary purpose.