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Ada Beat provides consultants with long experience in the tech industry.
Our cutting edge competence is within cloud application development.

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Ada wants to be part of our customers business, not a partner

Ada Beat is a tech company that provides senior consultants within software development and leadership for software development in roles such as developers, testers, project managers, product owners, team leaders and scrum masters.

We work with customers who are at the forefront of both technology and working methods.

We are part of our customers’ journey to implement the next-generation mobile network-5G, developing new versions of popular game titles and developing applications to ensure the transition to a fossil-free society.

We believe in people!

Ada Beat was founded 2018 with the idea that all employees can form and steer the company.

We are a growing consulting company within tech that is backed by venture capital and all the employees are partners and own a share of the company.

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21 APRIL 2021

Emerging Tech Beat

A conference by Ada Beat

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Would you like to work in a company without managers? A company where you have the possibility to develop yourself at your own pace and where you have the chance to evolve the company together with others? Would you like to have fun while doing it?

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