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150+ years of combined experience working with Tech


Ada Beat is an IT Consultancy focused on Functional Programming, we were founded in 2018 and have since grown to 16 employees in Sweden and Vietnam. We partner with customers in various domains and sizes at the forefront of technology. We work in fintech, telecom, networking, video-streaming, industrial tools, and automotive industries.


We deliver our services in 3 ways, and for each service we have a thorough process to ensure excellence in delivery.





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Building the next generation telecom network with Erlang

Building the next generation telecom network with Erlang

Within the telecom domain, we have been an integral part of a team involved in building prototypes for different operators to support the next generation network. These prototypes were developed using Erlang and OTP, running on top of Linux. Erlang, known for its fault-tolerant and scalable characteristics, along with OTP, provided a solid foundation for creating robust and concurrent applications in the telecom industry.

Leveraging Scala’s strengths for GDPR automation in the gaming industry

Leveraging Scala’s strengths for GDPR automation in the gaming industry

We were part of a collaborative effort with the customer within the gaming industry. The specific focus of your work was on building GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) automation using the Scala programming language. Scala is a versatile language that combines functional and object-oriented programming paradigms, making it well-suited for developing scalable and maintainable applications.

Modernizing nordic payments with Haskell

Modernizing nordic payments with Haskell

Ada Beat, partnering closely with a distinguished customer in the financial sector, embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize payment processing systems in the Nordics. In response to the rapidly evolving financial landscape, our engineer played an instrumental role in the development of a cutting-edge payment processing service, employing Haskell’s functional prowess and AWS’s cloud infrastructure to ensure seamless and secure transaction experiences.

Our capabilities

At Ada Beat, we pride ourselves on our extensive capabilities in a wide range of functional programming languages. 

F# F-Sharp

Func Prog Sweden

Ada Beat has been a proud sponsor of Func Prog Sweden since its inception.

Func Prog Sweden is the community for anyone interested in functional programming. At the MeetUps the community explore different functional languages like Erlang, Elixir, Haskell, PureScript, Elm, Scala, Clojure, ClojureScript, OCaml, F#, Agda, and more. 

Func Prog Sweden

Our team

Ada Beat, made up of developers, engineers, creators, leaders – the people doing awesome things.

Ada Beat

Our offices

Ada Beat Sweden

Our office in Sweden is located in Stockholm at EpiCenter.

Ada Beat Vietnam

Our office in Vietnam is located in Ho Chi Minh City.