December 28, 2021

Most popular functional programming language in 2021

By Magnus Sedlacek

Most popular functional progamming 2021

We have looked into PYPL and TIOBE index now in December to rank the following functional programming languages in popularity: Clojure, Elixir, Erlang, F#, Haskell, Kotlin, OCaml, Rust, Scala and Swift.

According to TIOBE index the languages ranks like this:
Swift (10)
Kotlin (26)
Rust (27)
Scala (33)
Haskell (46)

The other languages that does rank in the TIOBE index from 51 to 100 are just in alphabetical order: Clojure, Erlang, F# and OCaml.
Note, no Elixir in TIOBE for December.

According to PYPL index the languages ranks like this:
Swift (8)
Kotlin (13)
Rust (15)
Scala (18)
Haskell (26)

That’s it, no more functional programming language rank.

Based on this, learn Swift, Kotlin or maybe switch from C++ to Rust?

If you think the list should change next year? Help spread functional programming languages and paradigms by joining MeetUps, conferences, listening to PODs and more.

We at Ada Beat will continue to support the MeetUp Func Prog Sweden throughout 2022.

Disclaimer, we choose to rank these functional programming languages based on what Wikipedia says is a functional programming language, what lists and the author’s knowledge/preferences, which might not be the complete picture.

By Magnus Sedlacek

Leader at Ada Beat and host of Func Prog Sweden. Reach out to Magnus on LinkedIn

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