December 14, 2021

Senior software developers from Vietnam

By Magnus Sedlacek

Ada Beat goes Vietnam

We are happy to announce that we have entered an agreement with Precio Fishbone that has an office in Vietnam. With this agreement in place we can now source and supply senior software developers from Vietnam.

We at Ada Beat have long and good experience working with remote developers and development teams in general, and especially from Vietnam. Our Ada Beat culture really works well with Vietnamese culture.

With the extreme shortage of senior software developers in Sweden and Europe we see an opportunity to tap into the Vietnamese market where there is a surplus of senior software developers.

Our focus will first be to find senior software developers within our current tech stack to be able to extend our current offering to our customers.

If you need a senior software developer or maybe a distributed team with senior software developers, contact us!

By Magnus Sedlacek

Leader at Ada Beat and host of Func Prog Sweden. Reach out to Magnus on LinkedIn


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