Software development in Vietnam

September 12, 2022

We at Ada Beat have long experience working with remote teams and software developers from all over the world and especially with software development teams from Vietnam. In this post we summarize our previous posts on the subject and also share one success story with development from Vietnam.


Challenges and benefits

There are some challenges working with software development in a remote setup with Vietnam, however most of them can be overcome by an agile way of working where you have daily meetings, planning, demo and retrospective. For more: Building software development teams in Vietnam – challenges

The benefits of sourcing software development from Vietnam are several including availability of senior software developers within several technical domains. A lower price than developers from Europe and the possibility to get new perspectives and energy into your organization are also some of the benefits. For more: Building software development teams in Vietnam – benefits


Starting up a remote software development team

First, adding software developers from Vietnam to your current organization, then over time shift and build a remote software development team in Vietnam is an easy, agile and iterative way of starting. For more: Guide on how to start with remote software development teams from Vietnam


Scaling with more teams and software developers

Once a first team is established, the organization can scale with more software developers or software development teams from Vietnam. Also taking into consideration that different applications/services can be in different parts of the life cycle and will have different complexity and suit different team setups. For more: Guide on how to scale remote software development teams from Vietnam


A customer success story

When we started scouting for a Senior Full-stack profile, I immediately thought about Ada Beat. I had the privilege to work with many of them earlier in my career and I knew already what quality and professionalism to expect. Thanh, from the Vietnamese office, is doing a tremendous work on our solution, and his spirit and competence are literally making every big problem small. I am looking forward to a long-lasting collaboration with Ada Beat.

The CTO and Co-founder of CanaryBit, Stefano Cucchiella.

Read the full story: Accelerating the development of confidential computing



Taking the step to work with software development remotely doesn’t have to be done in one giant leap, instead it can be done in small steps iteratively so the organization can adapt and minimize risk while increasing the software development capacity.

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