We proudly support the MeetUp Func Prog Sweden

December 20, 2021

Why are we at Ada Beat supporting and sponsoring a functional programming MeetUp Func Prog Sweden?

Well there are several reasons, first we want to be an active part of the community that has given us so much and continue to give us so much. With the MeetUp we can help bring together and spread software development in general and functional programming in particular.

Secondly, we create a space for software developers to spread ideas, show off their code, meet with other developers and practice their presentation skills for a bigger audience.

Thirdly, and finally, why not sponsor any software development MeetUp?! Well to sum it up, we share with you the final presentation at this year’s Func Prog Sweden MeetUp: A debugging carol – Bugs past, present and future by Emil Hernvall. Functional programming paradigms and styles are spreading to other non-functional languages. And functional programming just makes better code.


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