Streaming from the cloud with Python and AWS

Streaming from the cloud with Python and AWS

Within the dynamic and rapidly evolving video streaming domain, Ada Beat has played a pivotal role in facilitating the seamless transition from custom-built hardware platforms to the cloud. Our expertise lies in harnessing the power of Python and AWS (Amazon Web Services) to deliver cutting-edge software services and solutions for video streaming.

As part of a dedicated team, we have been at the forefront of this transformative journey, ensuring a smooth migration of software services and solutions from on-premises infrastructure to the scalable and flexible cloud environment. By leveraging the vast array of services provided by AWS, we have enabled organizations to unlock the true potential of cloud-based video streaming.

Our involvement extends beyond the migration process. With our proficiency in cloud technologies and software development, we have actively contributed to building new software services within the cloud ecosystem. Acting as both cloud experts and software developers, we have seamlessly integrated our expertise into cross-functional teams, working collaboratively to design, develop, and deploy innovative software solutions.

In our role as cloud experts, we have provided valuable insights, guidance, and technical know-how to ensure the successful adoption of cloud services. By leveraging the capabilities of AWS, we have helped organizations optimize their video streaming workflows, achieve scalability, and enhance performance, all while reducing operational complexities.

As software developers, we have contributed our technical expertise and hands-on experience to craft robust and efficient software solutions tailored for the cloud environment. Harnessing the power of Python—a versatile and powerful programming language—we have created scalable, modular, and easily maintainable software components that seamlessly integrate with AWS services.

We have successfully empowered organizations to embrace the cloud, unlock cost efficiencies, and deliver high-quality video streaming experiences to their audiences. By leveraging Python and AWS, we have demonstrated our ability to navigate the complexities of the cloud ecosystem, ensuring a seamless transition and driving innovation in the video streaming landscape.


Python, AWS, Kubernetes, GitHub actions, Jenkins

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