Building the next generation telecom network with Erlang

Building the next generation telecom network with Erlang

Within the telecom domain, we have been an integral part of a team involved in building prototypes for different operators to support the next generation network. These prototypes were developed using Erlang and OTP, running on top of Linux. Erlang, known for its fault-tolerant and scalable characteristics, along with OTP, provided a solid foundation for creating robust and concurrent applications in the telecom industry.

In addition to prototype development, we were entrusted with the responsibility of selecting new software developers to join the customer’s team. Our expertise and deep understanding of Erlang and OTP made us the ideal candidates for this task. By carefully selecting talented developers, we ensured that the customer’s team possessed the necessary skills to continue building and maintaining the next generation network prototypes effectively.

We went beyond our core responsibilities by providing international support and delivering new services to the customer. This involved traveling abroad to assist with deployment, address technical issues, and ensure a seamless integration process. Furthermore, we played a crucial role in supporting and training local software development teams and departments, facilitating knowledge transfer and building expertise within the customer’s organization.

Moreover, we had a significant influence on how software development teams within the customer organization worked with Erlang and OTP. By leveraging our expertise, we introduced best practices, guidelines, and methodologies to optimize the development process. Our contribution resulted in improved productivity, enhanced code quality, and increased overall efficiency in utilizing Erlang and OTP.

In summary, our involvement within the telecom domain encompassed building prototypes for next-generation networks using Erlang and OTP on top of Linux. We successfully selected new software developers for the customer’s team, provided international support, delivered new products and services, supported and trained local software development teams, and influenced the adoption of Erlang and OTP best practices.


Tools and Technologies

Erlang, OTP Common Test, Git/Gerrit, Docker, rebar3, Protocol Buffers, Linux.


Feedback from the customer

The consultant from Ada Beat is a passionate and competent senior software developer. The consultant works well in a team.


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