Leveraging Scala’s strengths for GDPR automation in the gaming industry

Leveraging Scalas strengths for GDPR automation in the gaming industry

We were part of a collaborative effort with the customer within the gaming industry. The specific focus was on building GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) automation using the Scala programming language. Scala is a versatile language that combines functional and object-oriented programming paradigms, making it well-suited for developing scalable and maintainable applications.

Building GDPR automation involved adhering to processes and systems to ensure compliance with data protection regulations within the game. This include managing user data, obtaining and tracking user consent, enforcing data retention policies, and providing mechanisms for users to exercise their rights regarding their personal information. By utilizing Scala, the team could develop robust and efficient automation solutions that handled data protection tasks seamlessly.

As part of the development team, we participated in activities such as feature planning, design discussions, implementation, testing, and deployment. Collaborating with other team members, we contributed to the continuous improvement and evolution of the customer’s application. This involved writing clean and efficient Scala code, adhering to best practices, and ensuring the scalability and stability of the system.

Moreover, our work within the gaming industry have required a strong understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of game development. This have involved considerations such as real-time processing, multiplayer functionality, security measures, and integration with other game systems and services.

In summary, as part of a team within the gaming industry, we focused on building GDPR automation with Scala and developing new features for the application. By leveraging Scala’s capabilities, we ensured compliance with data protection regulations and enhanced the gameplay experience for the users. Our contributions to the development process involved collaborating with the team, implementing new functionalities, and addressing the specific challenges and requirements of game development.



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The consultant from Ada Beat is actively involved and an experienced senior software developer who promotes the philosophy of Functional Programming.

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