Modernizing nordic payments with Haskell

Modernizing nordic payments with Haskell

We were a part of a collaborative effort with the customer in the financial sector to modernize payment processing systems in the Nordics. In response to the rapidly evolving financial landscape, our engineer played an instrumental role in the development of a cutting-edge payment processing service, employing Haskell‘s functional prowess and AWS’s cloud infrastructure to ensure seamless and secure transaction experiences.

The project’s foundation lay in creating a dynamic system of interlinked AWS Lambda functions, triggered by various events such as SQS queues, database updates, and S3 events. The challenge was to construct a system that could seamlessly orchestrate these events, ensuring reliability, speed, and impeccable data integrity.

Ada Beat’s expert engineer, working as an integrated part of the customer’s team, engineered an innovative solution using Haskell. Haskell’s functional programming paradigm perfectly aligned with the intricate demands of the payment processing service. Leveraging Haskell’s strong type system, purity and expressive elegance, the team authored a suite of Lambda functions, each meticulously tailored to handle specific events.

Ada Beat’s collaboration with the customer ushered in a new era of payment processing in the Nordics. The fusion of Haskell’s functional elegance with AWS’s event-driven architecture created a platform that not only met the challenges of today but also positioned our customer at the forefront of the financial services.


Haskell, AWS Lambda, SQS, Database Events, S3

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