Seamless banking experience with F#

Seamless banking experience with F Sharp

We were a part of a collaborative effort with the customer to continue to build an online bank using the programming language F# (F Sharp). F# is a functional-first programming language that provides strong support for functional programming paradigms. It is known for its conciseness, expressive syntax, and strong type inference.

As a member of the team, our primary focus was on developing new features for the online bank. This involved implementing functionalities that enhanced the user experience, expanded the range of services offered by the bank, and provide innovative solutions to meet customer needs. These new features could include account management, transaction processing, security measures, integration with external systems, and more.

In addition to developing new features, we were also responsible for correcting faults or addressing any software bugs that arose in the system. This included identifying and troubleshooting issues, debugging the codebase, and implementing fixes to ensure the smooth and error-free.

Furthermore, we focused on improving the tooling associated with the development process. This entailed streamlining and enhancing the software development environment by introducing efficient workflows, automation, and tools that improved productivity and code quality. By improving the tooling, we optimize the development process, foster collaboration among team members, and promote the delivery of high-quality software.

Apart from these specific activities, we engaged in various other responsibilities, such as participating in code reviews, collaborating with other stakeholders, conducting testing and quality assurance procedures, and providing technical expertise and guidance throughout the project. As part of the team, we actively contributed to the overall progress and success of building the online bank with F#.

In summary, we focused on developing new features, correcting faults, and improving tooling. We leveraged the capabilities of F# to build innovative functionalities for the online bank, ensuring a seamless user experience. By addressing faults promptly and improving the development environment, we ensured the reliability and efficiency of the banking application.


F#, .NET, Git, VSCode, Azure

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