F# contracting

Empower your projects with expert F# competence

In addition to our consultancy expertise, Ada Beat offers contracting services to provide a flexible and efficient solution for augmenting your teams and projects. When you partner with us for contracting, you gain access to a pool of skilled F# professionals who seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows, adding value and expertise where it’s needed most.


On-Demand expertise

Our contracting services enable you to tap into a specialized talent pool without the hassle of recruitment and onboarding. Whether you require additional developers, architects, or consultants, we have a diverse range of skilled professionals ready to contribute their expertise to your projects.

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Flexible engagement models

We understand that every project has its unique requirements and constraints. Our flexible engagement models allow you to choose the duration and level of involvement that best suits your needs. Whether you require short-term support for a specific project or long-term augmentation for ongoing development, we tailor our contracting services to align with your goals.

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Seamless integration

Our F# professionals seamlessly integrate into your existing teams, workflows, and project methodologies. They quickly adapt to your processes, tools, and communication channels, ensuring a smooth collaboration that minimizes disruptions and maximizes productivity.

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Skillset alignment

We carefully match our contracting professionals to your project requirements, considering not only their F# expertise but also their domain knowledge and relevant experience. This ensures that you have the right skillset and domain understanding to meet your project’s unique demands.


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Agile collaboration

Our contracting professionals are well-versed in agile methodologies and collaborative development practices. They work closely with your teams, participating in daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives. This fosters effective communication, transparency, and alignment, resulting in accelerated project delivery and successful outcomes.

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Knowledge transfer

We believe in empowering your teams through knowledge transfer. Our contracting professionals not only contribute to your projects but also share their expertise and best practices with your in-house staff. This knowledge transfer enhances the skill sets and capabilities of your team, creating a sustainable impact beyond the scope of the contracted engagement.

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Ongoing support

Throughout the contracted engagement, we provide ongoing support and regular communication to ensure that our professionals are meeting your expectations and project requirements. We maintain a strong partnership, readily adapting to changing project needs and offering responsive support to ensure the success of your initiatives.


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Customer success cases

Seamless banking experience with F Sharp

Seamless banking experience with F#

We were a part of a collaborative effort with the customer to continue to build an online bank using the programming language F# (F Sharp). F# is a functional-first programming language that provides strong support for functional programming paradigms. It is known for its conciseness, expressive syntax, and strong type inference.

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Feedback from our customers

The consultant from Ada Beat is a passionate and competent senior software developer. The consultant works well in a team.

The consultant from Ada Beat has been one of the fastest developers in the team. The consultant is also helpful to other team members.

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