BEAM up with Erlang and Elixir by Phuong Van

January 10, 2023

This talk will take you through the 2 popular functional programming languages on the BEAM: Erlang and Elixir. What are they and what are their superpowers? What are they used for around us? As well as: How to start and learn them best? I’m sure some of the applications of Erlang and Elixir will surprise you.

Phuong Van (Văn Mai Phương)
Born and grew up in Vietnam, today I’m a developer and consultant at Erlang Solutions in Stockholm, Sweden. I fell in love with Erlang during my days in University and was fortunate enough to be able to work with it ever since. Using Erlang and later Elixir, I have been working hands-on with multiple clients: from a large-scale, legacy telecom product, to a user database service using the hottest and latest Phoenix LiveView.

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