C++ for fun … ctional programmers… ??? by Harald Achitz

September 23, 2020

Is C++ still a thing? And is there anything about this language that could be interesting to the FP community?

Let’s have a quick look on some of the aspects in C++ that developers interested in functional programming should know about.
No C++ pre-knowledge required.
But be aware, it could very well be that, after the talk, you find out that today’s C++ is not just functional enough to like it but is also fun!

About Harald Achitz
Through his – not so short – developer career Harald worked in a wide range of different fields, mostly, but not exclusive, in projects where C++ played an important role. One of his spare time activities is running the local C++ meetup group, StockholmCpp, so obviously he enjoys it when people talk about C++.

Presentation: https://a4z.gitlab.io/talks/cpp/4fun

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