Changing to Clojure mid-flight by Marcus Rydberg

September 23, 2021

In programming, even simple things are hard. Starting off as a hybrid app, we found ourselves needing to eject ourselves out of Angular1, Node.JS and MongodDB, while not loosing momentum in product development. React/Redux seemed relatively attractive but didn’t seem “complete” somehow. That frustrated vacuum was eventually filled with ClojureScript and our relatively long journey of change had begun.

This talk will touch upon some of that background but will mainly focus lessons learned, what we wish we had done differently and some personaly reflections about Clojure, some 2 years later.

About Marcus Rydberg
Marcus Rydberg is a programmer, entrepreneur, KTH-dropout, father and has quite recently found an antidote to the cynisism and wear-and-tear of modern software development in functional programming in general and Clojure in particular.

Co-founder of Luminare, a medical quality improvement start-up based in Houston, Texas. Luminare is fighting to eliminate prevenetable deaths from Sepsis and similar conditions in hospitals. When Covid hit they took that knowledge and turned it towards the outpatient side for the first time and received some attention and success in offering tools for syndromic surveilence and covid-screening. When the vaccines came around they took their knowledge of workflow improvement and turned it into one of the worlds most efficient drive-through vaccination management platforms. In the mean-time they developed a reputation of being able to roll out quality products in a situation that changed by the day.

When not writing code or trying to manage a growing start-up, he enjoys being with his family, playing music and staring into the mystical aspects of life.

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