Datomic – a scalable, immutable database system by Marek Lipert

February 16, 2022

Immutability has emerged over the years as one of the key concepts in functional programming. Despite the profound impact FP ideas had on design of many modern imperative programming languages, it is surprising to see the database world barely noticing them. Datomic is an effort by Rich Hickey, the creator of Clojure, to bridge this gap and create a truly immutable, production ready datastore that can handle modern day workloads scaling in a reliable way.

Marek Lipert
Software developer and data scientist. 15 years of software development experience backed by strong mathematical foundations. Architecting, developing and delivering integrated mobile / web / IOT systems. Enthusiast of functional programming languages and techniques and their applications in increasing code quality and expressiveness. Avid Lisper. Experience managing and tutoring development teams and software projects.

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