Displaying current logged in user using Phoenix Presence by AbulAsar Sayyad

May 26, 2023

In this video, AbulAsar Sayyad talks about displaying the current logged-in user using Phoenix Presence. He starts with a demo of the application and goes on to explain Live View, Phoenix Channels, Topics, and Phoenix PubSub. He also mentions the need for authentication in this project. He concludes with code explanations and highlights the real-time building feature of Live View. His talk is aimed at developers who want to learn how to display the current user using Phoenix Presence using real-time building.

AbulAsar Sayyad is a Full-stack developer with 7 years industry experience building Web applications in HealthCare, Real-estate and E-learning. He has proficiency in JavaScript and have professional working experience with Ruby on Rails and Elixir/Phoenix. He is adaptable to work on any technology stack and constantly working to sharpen his engineering skills.

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