Elixir & Erlang – Fundamentally Pragmatic by Lars Wikman

August 26, 2021

In his presentation Elixir & Erlang – Fundamentally Pragmatic, Lars Wikman explores the practical and versatile nature of Elixir, a language that synthesizes the best features of Ruby and Erlang. Lars highlights Elixir’s functional, concurrent, and parallel capabilities, built on the actor model and running on the BEAM virtual machine. He emphasizes Elixir’s strong tooling and developer-friendly design, making it ideal for powering robust and resilient web services. Lars explains Elixir’s pragmatic approach to handling processes, commands, and supervision, showcasing its real-time, low-latency performance. He demonstrates Elixir’s web capabilities through the Phoenix framework and live view for reactive UI, underscoring Elixir’s suitability for modern web development. Active in the Elixir community, Lars encourages newcomers to embrace this powerful language.

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