Fifth Func Prog Sweden MeetUp 2023

June 20, 2023

Introducing the Fifth Func Prog Sweden Meetup 2023 program! Join us for a warm welcome by Magnus Sedlacek, an introduction to Swift for functional programmers by Adrian and a presentation on Polynomial Functors: Jackpot by Andre.

The program

  • Intro by Magnus Sedlacek
  • Intro to Swift (for functional programmers) by Adrian Sergheev
  • Polynomial Functors: Jackpot by André Muricy


Adrian Sergheev


André Muricy

Polynomial Functors

A Mathematical Theory of Interaction:
Polynomial Functors course (based on the book):


Talk links

Scientific and software engineering examples of applied category theory
How applied category theory puts thinking on rails


Some extra links

Topos blog with tag polynomial functors:
Categorical systems theory book


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