Fourth Func Prog Sweden MeetUp 2023

May 23, 2023

Introducing the Fourth Func Prog Sweden Meetup 2023 program! Join us for a warm welcome by Magnus Sedlacek, followed by a special greeting from the FP User Group Skåne. Discover the power of ELM, a functional language for frontend, presented by Tomas Latal. Then, dive into the fascinating topic of displaying current logged-in users using Phoenix Presence, presented by AbulAsar Sayyad.

The program

*  Welcome by Magnus Sedlacek
* Welcome FP User Group Skåne
* ELM – FUNctional language for frontend by Tomas Latal
* Displaying current logged in user using Phoenix Presence by AbulAsar Sayyad

Tomas Latal

Tomas Latal has loved computers and programming ever since he could reach a keyboard. For his career he tried a lot of different languages and frameworks and found out that the frontend world suits him best. After struggling with JS for several years, he stumbled upon Elm and immediately fell in love with it. For the last 6 years he has been writing Elm applications proffesionally and currently leads a team of Elm developers in Scrive. He also promotes TDD and organises coderetreats for a local community and companies.

AbulAsar Sayyad

I am a Full-stack developer with 7 years industry experience building Web applications in HealthCare, Real-estate and E-learning. I have proficiency in JavaScript and have professional working experience with Ruby on Rails and Elixir/Phoenix. I am adaptable to work on any technology stack and constantly working to sharpen my engineering skills.

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