Functional programming from a theorist’s perspective by Rhea Moutafis

September 23, 2021

Many developers get to know functional programming from a project they’re building or a language they’re learning. But there’s a theoretical paradigm behind it all, and it will turn your view on programming upside down – especially if you come from an object oriented school of thought.

Rhea’s talk will cover this theoretical paradigm, as well as the basics on side effects and pure functions, lambda calculus, mathematically proving that your software is right, and how to use functional programming for large software projects.

About Rhea Moutafis now called Ari Joury
Originally a theoretical particle physicist, Rhea discovered their passion for programming while comparing theoretical predictions to massive amounts of experimental data. Since then, they’ve been busy writing about software development and data science on their Medium blog. They’re also doing an MBA and prototyping for a startup in the near future.

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