Hobby scale: making web apps with minimal fuss by Martin Stewart

March 16, 2022

Creating web apps requires setting up a lot of infrastructure. Configuring a database, managing hosting, writing deploy scripts, and handling communication between the client and server are only some of the many things that need to be done. Unfortunately for many projects, this level of control isn’t needed and is instead a burden.

It doesn’t need to be this way though! In this presentation I’ll give an overview of how you can use Elm programming language and the Lamdera framework to create web apps with little effort as well as show some of the apps I’ve created using it.

Martin Stewart
I’m a web developer specialized in working with the Elm programming language. In my free time I maintain https://ascii-collab.app/ a website where people can draw ascii art on a shared canvas and I run elm-review-bot, a github bot that checks Elm packages for common mistakes. I also enjoy biking and bouldering.

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