Intro to Rust by Michael Snoyman

March 22, 2023

Rust is a systems programming language, making it a competitor to languages like C and C++ in programming contexts like operating systems, high performance, embedded, and realtime. However, Rust is much more than that. It provides a high level syntax, strong typing, powerful package management, and a strong functional programming influence. In this talk, we’ll walk through some of the basics of Rust with real code examples. This session will hopefully be interactive, so please be ready to jump in with questions and comments!

Code and presentation:

Michael Snoyman
Michael is a prolific open-source maintainer and educator on various software topics, focusing on leveraging strong type systems to create more reliable software. Michael has worked in a wide range of software domains, including distributed systems, medical devices, web applications, blockchain, and FinTech. He founded and maintains many foundational libraries and tools in the Haskell ecosystem, including Yesod, Stack, Stackage, and Conduit. Michael is passionate about education and regularly gives training courses. He is the author of books teaching both the Rust and Haskell programming languages. He is a regular speaker and author around topics including functional programming, static code analysis, DevOps practices, and the boundary between engineering and business management. Michael is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in Actuarial Sciences. Michael is the Vice President of Engineering at FP Complete, and raises his six kids with his wife Miriam.

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