Ninth Func Prog Sweden MeetUp 2023

December 5, 2023

Introducing the Ninth Func Prog Sweden Meetup 2023 program! Join us for a warm welcome by Magnus Sedlacek, firstly a presentation on Better software design with domain modeling by Eric Normand and secondly a presentation on Went: GoJS diagrams in PureScript by André Muricy.

The program

  • Intro by Magnus Sedlacek
  • Better software design with domain modeling by Eric Normand
  • Went: GoJS diagrams in PureScript by André Muricy


Better software design with domain modeling

Software design is all about making design decisions. We make better design decisions when we have more relevant information. In this talk, we will explore three perspectives from domain modeling to help you extract more information about the problem your software is trying to solve to make better software design decisions. Along the way, we will see how building the domain model in your implementation language helps you understand your domain better, why poor domain models make our code messy, and how to deal with the inevitability of change. The ideal end result is a fun, iterative, expressive, and flexible domain model.


Eric Normand

Eric Normand is the author of Grokking Simplicity. He has been programming functionally since 2001 and writing online about FP since 2007.


Went: GoJS diagrams in PureScript

Introduction to “Went,” a library that brings GoJS diagrams to PureScript. GoJS is a mature and powerful framework for creating interactive diagrams in JavaScript, and Went brings its robust features to a purely functional setting. Went provides a declarative DSL that is close to GoJS’ familiar style, but places a strong emphasis on type safety.

Source code on GitHub:

André Muricy

FP developer at Ada Beat.


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