Quick Guide to build a realtime page with Phoenix LiveView by Dung Tran

January 10, 2023

If you want to build a rich, realtime user experiences server-rendered HTML application without complicated JS framework, Phoenix LiveView could be your answer.

LiveView will help to detect changes of data in components to re-render pages for us.

With mix command, it would be easier to create any components with default values that we want to add.

Presently, I develop Erlang/Elixir/NodeJS as backend site and AngularJS/Angular as Frontend site. I invesigated Phoenix Liveview in few months ago when trying to find a solution to fix issue of Live Board perfomance (Client Render HTML). It seemed work quicker but there are many other things that we need to consider before replacing by LiveView.

But it is very execiting, fun and impressed how LiveView work.
In this talk, we will walk-through of Phoenix LiveView by building a simple page.

Dung Tran

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