Testing smart contracts with QuickCheck by John Hughes

May 27, 2021

I will talk about some recent work on a random testing framework for smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain–which supports the world’s largest “proof of stake” cryptocurrency. In contrast to the Ethereum blockchain, Cardano contracts are written in Haskell, but of course, they still need to be tested. I’ll talk about the testing framework we’ve built, and its most novel aspect: not only must we test that nothing bad ever happens, but also that something good is always possible.

John Hughes
John is a well-known researcher in functional programming, the author of the classic paper Why Functional Programming Matters, and a contributor to the design of Haskell. He has been a Professor since 1985, at the University of Glasgow and Chalmers University in Gothenburg. He invented QuickCheck together with Koen Claessen in 2000, recently earning an ACM SIGPLAN award for the work. Since then John has focussed more and more on software testing, co-founding QuviQ in 2006.

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