Virtual Machines for Functional Languages by Erik Happi Stenman

May 25, 2022

Given two very different problems, and two different functional languages designed specifically to solve each problem, how does this affect the design of the virtual machine for the language. We will look at two virtual machines BEAM and Fate. BEAM was designed for reliable services with a high number of transactions. FATE was designed for secure execution of blockchain contracts. You will also get some stories from real uses of these machines.

Erik Happi Stenman
Erik is the CTO of Happi Hacking, helping companies with their software projects. Erik is one of the world’s most experienced Erlang developers. He has been programming Erlang since 1994; as a master’s student, as a doctoral student in the HiPE research group at Uppsala University, as a CSO and CTO at Klarna and now as a senior developer in several customer projects.

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