What Ada Beat can do in Serverless

We help you optimize your business with efficiency and cost savings

At Ada Beat, we’re pioneering a new era of service delivery by seamlessly aligning our signature offerings – Consulting, Contracting, and Team-as-a-Service – with the transformative capabilities of Serverless technology. Our commitment to innovation drives us to leverage the unique advantages of Serverless architecture, enhancing the way we deliver value to our clients through these three essential services.


With Serverless Consulting, we provide tailored insights and strategies to help you harness the full potential of Serverless architecture, ensuring optimal resource utilization and cost savings. Our experts guide you through the intricacies, enabling your business to make informed decisions that align with your objectives.

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Through Serverless Contracting, we offer dynamic and adaptable solutions that scale with your needs. Our services automatically adjust to match demand, eliminating manual scaling efforts. This ensures that your projects are efficiently managed, on track, and in alignment with the ever-changing business landscape.

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Team-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Our groundbreaking Team-as-a-Service approach leverages Serverless technology to assemble agile and specialized teams for your projects. With automatic scaling and resource management, we ensure that your projects are staffed with the right expertise at the right time, maximizing efficiency and minimizing resource wastage.

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Customer case

Customer photos application – Leveraging serverless architecture for seamless photo management

Customer overview

Our customer is a leading photo digitization and cloud-based management service provider, offering users a convenient way to transform their old paper photos into digital format. The company’s mission is to create an innovative photo management ecosystem that enhances the user experience and provides advanced features for organizing, sharing, and preserving cherished memories.


Customer faced the challenge of efficiently processing and managing a vast number of photos collected from users. The process involved collecting, digitizing, and syncing photos with the cloud, which required a scalable and reliable infrastructure to handle the immense workload. Additionally, the system needed to offer user-friendly applications and services, such as mobile scanning, family timeline generation, and virtual interior decoration.

Solution – Serverless architecture

To address these challenges, our team proposed a serverless architecture for the Customer Photos Application. Serverless architecture is a cloud computing model that abstracts server management, enabling developers to focus solely on writing code. By using serverless services, the system automatically manages the infrastructure, scaling, and load balancing, allowing for better resource utilization and cost-effectiveness.


By leveraging serverless architecture, our customer successfully built an innovative photo digitization and management ecosystem. The scalable and reliable infrastructure enabled efficient processing of millions of photos while delivering a delightful user experience through various applications and features. Serverless architecture played a crucial role in supporting the Customer Photos Application’s growth and customer satisfaction, cementing the company’s position as a leader in the industry.

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